How was it for you?

Have you taken the candidate experience test with your own business?

Are you confident your candidates get a great customer experience when they apply for a job via your company website or the job boards in which you invest?


In these days of low employment and skill shortages, the candidate, in the case of recruitment, is king. So wherever you promote your vacancies and interact with your candidates, it is imperative their experience is a positive one.

The overall candidate experience consists of a series of touch points from web adverts to job postings, social networking interaction, job fairs, conferences, as well as local or regional events.  And what happens when a candidate applies for a role – do they ever hear back or just receive an automated email message?

Recruiters don’t know

Having run a number of training sessions on getting the most out of promotion of jobs via online advertising and social media, we have seen that most recruiters don’t actually know what their company’s candidate experience consists of. However, we definitely think the candidate experience is so much more than when they apply for a job – it’s how they perceive your business as a whole and sadly, from past experience, it doesn’t appear to be a very positive view of the recruitment industry as a whole.  So it’s time to put yourself in your candidate’s shoes and find out what your overall candidate experience is really like.

I want it now

Life is all about ‘I want it now’ culture where all customers want immediate results, whatever their goal. Time is at a premium and there is a general perception that with just a few clicks, on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, anyone can get the result they want, from buying the latest gadget to browsing relevant media for news and applying for a job.

When it comes to recruitment, candidates are looking for a simple process as well as sufficient information in a job advert about the company, responsibilities and opportunities to develop. Whether you’re looking to recruit for your business or for your clients – does your current level of candidate attraction tick all these boxes? Are the jobs posted on your website, job boards and social media all consistent in their content and sales pitch? And talking of sales, do the job adverts actually ‘sell’ the jobs you are trying to fill for your clients?

Be a candidate

Take yourself out of the office and use each of your devices to view your website as well as social media channels that your company is active on and, of course, apply for some roles. On each of the devices apply directly on the company website and via any job boards you utilise as a recruiter– we guarantee the experience will be enlightening and probably quite different for each too.

Now we know that job adverts can often be dictated by constraints from your clients, and even the word counts on some job boards, but they should still cover the basics in terms of what the role involves, the skills and experience required and a short description selling the type of business the applicant will be working for. Any advert should be looking to appear high up in search results – so needs to also include search terms that your candidates will use in both the job title/header and the first paragraph. And sometimes we see adverts that don’t include any paragraph – just a list of duties. This doesn’t give the candidate a good impression of either your company or the vacancy, that’s if they ever get to see it at all!

Write adverts to attract and engage

Job advert writing is actually a very specific skill – but the key criteria is to focus on what the candidate will search for and what will they engage with once they read the advert. And this focus should be at the forefront of your mind for the entire candidate experience, at all touch points, on all types of device.

There are, of course, a number of areas to examine when reviewing your overall candidate experience. So put yourself in your candidate’s shoes and get a complete perspective of every aspect, we think you might be surprised.

Meso has considerable experience in implementing strategies to ensure your candidate experience becomes a really positive one. From running training sessions on job advert writing to a review of your social media interactions, we can offer solutions to ensure you stand out from your competitors for the right reasons. Give us a call on 01344 636312 to find out more.

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