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Insight drives service improvement

MESO Marketing was retained to oversee and review the marketing activity for Flow Caritas, a recruiter focused on supporting the UK’s charity sector.  The remit was to maintain their existing level of marketing activity whilst developing a strategy to increase the level of their overall customer insight. The next step was then to refine their brand messages and develop a new marketing strategy dependent on the survey findings.


Our first step was to understand how Flow Caritas was perceived by their three distinct audiences before we recommended any specific activities.  We designed and ran three separate customer insight surveys to gain an in-depth understanding of Flow’s level of brand awareness, how they compared to other recruiters in their marketplace and, lastly, to find out what their audiences really wanted and/or expected within an increasingly candidate driven jobs market.  The surveys were sent out to over 8,500 recipients to which Flow Caritas received a good level of responses across each of the three audiences.  We presented the results and then facilitated a schedule of actions that the management and staff could implement to improve their competitive position and improve customer satisfaction. A year later, MESO developed and conducted Flow’s second annual survey.

Service and sales development

The results of the insight survey were presented to the management team and we facilitated a schedule of actions that the management and staff could implement to improve their competitive position, improve customer satisfaction and drive Flow’s marketing focus.  We mentored the in-house marketing assistant to develop a programme of regular inbound marketing activity, undertook a full content review of the website, developed regular email and newsletter campaigns and provided job advert training to all Flow consultants to ensure there is consistency across all online touchpoints for candidates.


Specific activity included:

  • Marketing audit, report and plan
  • Insight survey targeting three separate customer groups
  • Facilitation of service development as a result of the insight
  • Audit and refresh of company website
  • Inbound marketing programme
  • Job Advert and social media training
  • Design and delivery of email campaigns
  • Design and development of regular newsletters

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