Feedback surveys

Use feedback to develop and improve your service

Customer Feedback Surveys

Independent surveying of customer service levels can be used to track performance and identify areas for improvement

Are you a recruitment or service organisation that…

  • wants to benchmark and improve customer service levels?
  • needs referrals, new clients and thousands of pounds in additional fees?
  • aspires to increase staff satisfaction, motivation and win awards?

The Customer feedback service from MESO is your answer.

The independent surveying and monitoring of customer service levels is used by large and successful recruitment companies to track their consultants’ performance and identify areas for improvement. MESO enables any size of recruitment business to have its own professional feedback system which not only gives Directors & managers excellent independent feedback on the performance of their consultants but is also very much focused on generating spin-off business opportunities for the company.

The MESO feedback system is focused on the business generation needs of small and medium sized recruiters.  The Methodology includes:

  • Full plan including survey objectives, audience, timescales, inducement strategy and communications
  • Design of branded questionnaire and emails
  • Load and launch on leading web-survey system with suitable inducement strategy
  • Monitoring of responses
  • Reminders to encourage response
  • Full reporting including charts of of results and trends by whatever factor you want to track (e.g. client sector or consultant)
  • Follow-up of positives to create testimonials and case studies

All of the above can be tailored to meet your company’s size and budget so please give us a call on 01344 636312 or email for more information.

Recent customer feedback projects

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